The day before the ‘big one’, London 2 Brighton


I am very mindful that I am one of many runners sat here today overthinking every single aspect of pending ‘race day’ tomorrow. I feel very similar to how I did before my first ever race; have I packed everything I need, do I have the right fuelling, is my body ready, can I do this? The biggest difference is that my first race was a 10K road race, and I knew it would be over in an hour. It is just under two years later, and tomorrow I plan to attempt 10 times the distance, mainly off road on trails.

I don’t have much to say ahead of the race, as quite honestly I have no idea what to expect. I know I have prepared as best I can under the circumstances. I know I am mentally tough and that I can keep going through pain and exhaustion. BUT, and this is a huge, massive, ginormous BUT (not my derriere which is relatively in proportion l think!). Having never done this distance, and needing to cover 17 miles more than ever before, it is impossible to know if I can achieve this or not. Its a route I have never covered before, terrain I haven’t had to contend with, and a distance that I still am not entirely sure I comprehend. The unknown is scary, but equally I am thankful it will all be a surprise – sometimes knowing what’s to come is more of a worry than not.

What I can categorically say is I am determined to give this everything I have got. I will crawl on my hands and knees if it gets me to that finish line. If something goes wrong and I have to walk the whole way, I will do it. The only thing that would ever prevent me completing this is an injury that would cause me long term damage if I kept going. Otherwise I will take the entire Bank Holiday weekend to complete this if I have to (fingers crossed it won’t come to this as I quite fancy a couple of days rest!).

This is my biggest challenge, and despite my nerves, fear, and apprehension, I am in fact hugely excited and can’t wait to get started. I am confident none of the above will happen, I am certain it will be the toughest thing I have ever done, but I also know I will feel a new sense of achievement and elation when it is done. Think of me tomorrow, it will be a long day out for all of us, even the speedy ones – lets hope theres some nice food on the way to distract us from the pain in the legs!

Good luck to everyone